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Mon 7/4/2011 
Andrew Cuomo NOT Eligible for President ..Because He is Italian American!!! 
Is Senator Ball being Discriminatory, or merely stating Facts. Who is Responsible, The Movies and Media, the Ignorant American Masses, or Ourselves for Not More Vigorously Fight the Defamation and Negative Stereotyping. 

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Sen.Ball on Andrew Cuomo for President ? 
Via Cav. Joseph V. Scelsa, Ed.D.
Yesterday as I often do I was watching my local news in Westchester, Ch 12 Time Warner. I caught the last part "NEWSMAKERS" hosted by Janine Rose

I thought I heard NY State  Senator Greg Ball in the last minute  of the show say something about Governor Andrew Cuomo not being electable as President so I taped what he said when to show was repeated this morning July 3, 2011

This is his quote, speaking on the possibility of Governor Andrew Cuomo running for President of the United States in 2016 after his recent victories in Albany.

"I think he is going to have a tough time running for president, first lets be honest he is an Italian American. I would like to see it get done and also he is going to have a tough time in the southern and western primaries" NYS Senator Greg Ball on NEWSMAKERS Ch 12 July 2 and July 3, 2011

Now I ask you would he say that about an African American, Latino, Asian, or a woman and now a member of the LBGT community.. I don't think so. Perception becomes reality. When a lie or  untruth is said over and over again even ones supporters may think it is true. Please consider sending Senator Ball a letter to this effect and ask him to cease and desist in saying that Governor Andrew Cuomo will have a tough time being elected because he is an Italian American.

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