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Curtis Sliwa Does "Mea Culpa" on  Anti-Italian Broadcast - Why???     .

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Curtis Sliwa, currently a Conservative Radio Talk show Host, started out as a High School Suspendee,  Mc Donald's Night Manager, and then Vigilante Founder of the "Guardian Angels", admitted Multiple and Serial Hoaxer and Liar, who Refuses to open his Books [501(c)(3)] to  show where his Donations go, lives in a $1.5 Million Condo in NY, and is a Great Self Promoter, and Self Aggrandizer, and oh yes, I almost forgot, a Champion Pickle Eater. 
On February 26, 2009, Curtis Sliwa, who says he is Polish -Italian, a member of the Assyrian Church of the East, (Chaldean), but raised in the shadow of Orthodox Judaism,  launched an Anti -Italian Rant when learning of an US Grant for the Italian American Museum in NY (on Staten Island), that included  accusing the Italian-American Museum in New York Citys Little Italy of being backed by the mob, and that Staten Island had a 100,000 Italian Mafia Members.
The exact quotes were: 
Uh, the Italian-American Museum in Little Italy? What the hell is that? I mean, what do you need an Italian-American Museum in Little Italy for?"
"And plus, what do we need to be spending federal tax dollars? You go to the Italian-American Museum, you make a contribution. Or, you have an enforcer there from the Genovese, Gambino, Lucchese, Colombo, Bonanno crime families who forces you to pay a contribution."
 " [I could] swing a dead cat" over his head "and every fifth person" hed hit would be in "organized crime." (Every fifth person would mean you have to have close to 100,000 people in organized crime on Staten Island,) 
Sliwa did go to Staten Island and apologize for that commentary, he did so by going to Arrochar Friendship Club in South Beach, and allowed himself to be paddled by "Italian grandma",Mrs. Cammarata, who also playfully shoved soap in his mouth. 

Later on March 30, Sliwa accepted an invitation to visit the Italian American Museum, after which he wrote a letter of Apology (see below)

Sliwas' parents, Chester and Francesca, he a Merchant mariner, she a Dental technician, are seldom referred to in his activities.                         

I see NO Silwa's association with ANY  Italian, Polish, or Chaldean Associations or Events.  I did find it curious that Guardian Angels Website could be read in English or Hebrew.!!!!  http://www.guardianangels.org/curtis.html  I can only struggle in Yiddish and Italian.

And then Sliwa's apologies became clear. Curtis Sliwa is not only an "attention whore", he is an aspiring politician, and had filed papers with the Republican Party in 2008  to run  for New York 13th Congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives ( Staten Island ) 

Sliwa Could Be Jewish Favorite In Race For Vitos Seat From The NY Jewish Week, By Adam Dickter, May 29,2008

"Curtis Sliwa isnt Jewish. But youd be hard pressed to find a more passionate defender of Israel and just about any other Jewish cause. And hes probably been the guest of honor at more Jewish institution dinners than many a Jewish politician"......

So the report today that Sliwa sent a letter to the Staten Island Republican chairman expressing interest in the race to succeed scandal-plagued Rep. Vito Fossella should generate some excitement in the boroughs growing Jewish community.......

....As of the 2002 Jewish Community Study, about 12 percent of the overall population of [Staten Island is Jewish]. That number has likely increased with an influx of Russian-speaking Jewish immigrants, who tend to be conservative voters. 


Nevertheless, Staten Island (Richmond County) has a higher percentage of Italian-Americans than any other county in the US 37.7%

[RAA NOTE: Didn't we already decide that that honor went to Providence County in Rhode Island, with 43.%, or maybe that was referring to a district of Providence???]

Except, even the Republicans didn't consider Sliwa a serious candidate, and endorsed Frank Powers, but  Powers died of a heart attack on June 22, 2009.  Robert Straniere was selected to replace Powers, and ran and was trounced by Democrat  Michael McMahon who had routed  Steve Harrison in the Democratic primary.

April 5th, 2009

Dr. Joseph Scelsa
President and Executive Director Italian American Museum
155 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10013
Dr. Scelsa,
First of all I wanted to thank you for hosting me at the Italian-American Museum in Little Italy last Monday. I thoroughly enjoyed not only the tour, which I found incredibly insightful and educational, but the hospitality that you and so many other prominent members of the Italian-American community displayed. As you know, I'm a proud descendant of Italian immigrants and can certainly appreciate the difficulties our ancestors went through and have an enormous amount of respect for how they were able to persevere and thrive. My trip to the museum only deepened that appreciation and I thank you for the opportunity, it's one that all Italian-Americans and indeed all New Yorkers of any ethnicity shouldn't miss. I look forward to many future visits and I appreciate the lengths you're going to in keeping the spirit of Little Italy (which is disappearing all too quickly) alive.
Additionally, I want to make clear that my comments several months ago, referencing the money that the museum was slated to receive in the Omnibus spending bill wasn't intended to offend Italian-Americans or take anything away from the great work the museum has done. While it's certainly true that I don't support spending Federal tax money on private museums, I have nothing but respect for the work the museum does and hope it continues to thrive. I certainly wouldn't want any of my comments to be construed as my having negative feelings toward the museum or the Italian-American community as a whole. The Italian-American museum is one of the finest examples highlighting the positive side of the Italian-American community that I've ever seen. For me to even mention the degenerate gangsters that have tried to have me killed several times, in the same sentence was an attempt at parody and I'm sorry you were offended. It's something that certainly won't be repeated and I thank you for the understanding and warmth that the leadership of the Italian-American community has demonstrated.
Yours truly,
Curtis Sliwa
P.S. Thanks again for the chance to see Frank Serpico's pistol. I always enjoy seeing pistols whenever they're not pointed at me.

[Mr. Sliwa had admitted to faking several heroic subway rescues, including thwarting a mugging and rape, and as a victim of a kidnapping.


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