Captain Carlo Del Prete

Like Francesco de Pinedo, Carlo del Prete began his military career in the navy, serving submarine duty during World War I.  He became actively interested in aviation after the war, and received his pilot's brevet in 1922. 

Transferred to the newly-created Regia Aeronautica, he was recognized as an exceptionally talented navigator, and was officially cited for his skills by Italo Balbo in 1926. 

After participating in de Pinedo's American tour, del Prete teamed up with Arturo Ferrarin to shatter the world's long distance record with a non-stop flight from Rome to Natal, Brazil in 1928. 

Tragically, the 29 year old hero died from injuries sustained in an airplane crash just weeks after this latest triumph

The crew: Zacchetti, de Pinedo, Del Prete