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  • Eugene Basilici
  • Elisabetta Benedetti
  • Francine Brevetti
  • Gennaro Buonocore
  • Dominic Candeloro
  • Yvonne Cardogna
  • Bruno Cortis, MD
  • Patricia Costa Viglucci
  • Marisa De Franceschi
  • Rita DeSales French
  • Michael DiLauro
  • Lawrence DiStasi
  • Russel R. Esposito
  • Kathleen A. Gonzalez
  • Dianne Hales
  • Italic Institute of America
  • Romano M. Levante
  • Janice T. Mancuso
  • Marherita Marchione
  • Jacqueline Miconi
  • Paul Paolicelli
  • Leon J. Radomille
  • Tony Romano
  • Susan Hacker Stang
  • Nicholas G. Stangarone
  • Pompeo Stillo
  • Joseph Tedesco
  • Camillo Viglino
  • Peter R. Viteritti
  • Walter Wolff
  • Marco Zacchera




  • And They Came to Chicago
  • Bad Times Good People
  • Baltimore's Artist
  • La Bella Lingua
  • Celebrate Italian Style
  • Chicago's Italians
  • Ciccilla, luoa della Sila
  • Con Amore
  • Dal mangiadischi al CD
  • Dances with Luigi
  • The Fabulous Fior
  • Failure of European Multiculturalism
  • Family Matters
  • Firenze Un incontro
  • Free Gondola Ride
  • Germanicus
  • Gioacchino Profeta
  • The Golden Milestone
  • Growing Up Italian in God's Country
  • Heart & Soul
  • Heritage/Patrimoni
  • I Madonnari
  • If you eat you never die
  • Il Treno
  • The Island of the Elyms
  • Johnny Palmer
  • Jugali mparadisu
  • L'arte del bugiardo
  • Legacy of a Hero
  • Philip Mazzei: My Life & Wanderings
  • Pillars of Lace
  • Prisoners Among Us
  • Racconti come fiabe
  • Le Ricette di un Villaggio Italiano
  • Rolando e i suoi fratelli. L'America!
  • S. Franciscu di Paola
  • Staffette
  • Surface Tension
  • Tempi Duri Brava Gente
  • The Spiritual Heart
  • Una Storia Segreta
  • Under The Southern Sun
  • Camillo Viglino, Memoirs
  • The Waving Tree


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    Gennaro Buonocore
    Failure of European Multiculturism
    The Islamic Crusade

    A controversial look at the failure of European national immigration policies by two well-positioned analysts within the field of multicultural integration and trans-national security, this book exposes the startling contrast between the lack of politically correct style adopted by the study and the inneficient application of European governments' political correct policies.

    This book explains how Islamic fundamentalism is an expanding threat within the context of nations who fail to recognize the true challenges of multicultural integration

    Gennaro Buonocore

    Eugene Basilici

    ...the story of a young immigrant, part of the greatest migration in modern history, the emigration of four million Italians to the Americas at the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1946, Genio Basilici, legendary patriarch of an Italian community near Boston...

    Elisabetta Benedetti

    Un uomo in fuga. Un sottile dolore incomprensibile. Una missione. "A volte il pensiero e` cosi pesante da sembrare un macigno che ti frana adosso e ti lascia stupito davanti alla violenza della caduta"

    Francine Brevetti

    The Fabulous Fior - Over 100 Years in an Italian Kitchen is a lively tale of cookery and passion illuminating the lives of immigrant families who created the Fior d'Italia, America's oldest Italian restaurant. 

    Gennaro Buonocore

    This book explains how Islamic fundamentalism is an expanding threat within the context of nations who fail to recognize the true challenges of multicultural integration

    Dominic Candeloro

    Since 1850, Chicago has felt the benefits of a vital Italian presence. These immigrants formed much of the unskilled workforce employed to build up this and many other major U.S. cities. From often meager and humble beginnings, Italians built and congregated in neighborhoods that came to define the Chicago landscape

    Yvonne Cardogna

    Yvonne Cardogna was born in Messina, Sicily.  As a young girl, with her family, she migrated to Australia.  She married and had two children.  For a few years, she worked in the family business and later she entered the university.  She was awarded a scholarship and graduated form the University of Western Australia.

    Bruno Cortis, MD

    A psychological and spiritual guide to 

    preventing and healing heart disease

    Meditations for Health and Happiness

    Patricia Costa Viglucci

    Growing Up Italian in God's Country: Stories From the Wilds of Pennsylvania traces four generations of our family melding cultures in the Allegheny Mountains beginning with the arrival of my maternal great-grandfather Giuseppe Policastro from San Gregorio Magno in the province of Salerno in 1891 to find work on the logging railroads. 

    Marisa De Franceschi

    Nine short stories about family matters

    An eclectic collection of the finest 
    writing by Italian-Canadian women

    Surface Tension is the story of Margaret 
    Croff, middle-aged and living the confortable
    life in America, or so it seems on the surface....

    Rita DeSales French

    Tony DeSales, self-thought artist, musician, philosopher poet and mathematician.  He was a true son of Italy, a Renaissance Man in Little Italy, in Baltimore, Maryland

    Michael Angelo DiLauro

    DVD - The historical documentary film Prisoners Among Us tells the story of Italian ethnicity in America from several unique and distimctly personal perspectives.

    Lawrence DiStasi


    The secret history of Italian American 
    evacuation and internment 
    during World War II
    ...when Italian-Americans 
    were "enemy aliens"

    Russell R. Esposito

    The Golden Milestone has thousands 
    of notable entries and fascinating 
    facts. Critics agree. 
    It is a must for anyone's library.

    Kathleen Ann Gonzalez
    Kathleen went to Venice with a goal and
    a plan.  The goal was to write about the 
    lives of a cliched group of men, the 
    gondoliers.  The plan included a camera, 
    a notebook, and the perseverance of a 
    serious journalist...

    Dianne Hales

    If you love Italy, you'll love learning about its language.  If you come from an Italian family, you'll discover more about your heritage.  If you're studying Italian, you'll find a new perspective that takes you beyond vocabulary and grammar.  If you are traveling to Italy, you'll appreciate more about the people you meet and the places you visit.

    Italic Institute of America
    Dominic Candeloro

    Preview on youtube

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    a portion of the proceeds goes to the Italian Cultural Center at Casa Italia, Chicago 
    And They Came to Chicago
    The Italian American Legacy
    DVD - Narrated by Tony Award winner Joe Mantegna it traces an extraordinary chapter of the Italian American experience in the US

    Romano M. Levante
    ISBN 88-88643-31-1
    E` la storia di un giovane, con i suoi fratelli e la famiglia, che agli inizi degli anni '50 parte da un piccolo paese della montagna abruzzese per le lontane Americhe in cerca di fortuna.  Un romanzo-verita` ispirato a una vicenda reale i cui sviluppi sono lasciati alla fantasia dell'autore, che se ne allontana pur mantenendo una sinfonia di fondo con la fonte dell'ispirazione.

    Janice Therese Mancuso
    Click to Purchase a Personalized Copy

    Food journalist, cookbook author and cooking instructor, Janice Therese Mancuso combines all - with her love of Italian culture - to create her first novel. Italian culture is also the topic of Tutto Italiano, her e-newsletter that made its debut in April 2004. It is available through her web site,

    Margherita Marchione

    The story of an eighteenth 
    century world citizen.
    Translated by S. Eugene Scalia
    Edited by Margherita Marchione

    Jacqueline Miconi

    The kitchen has always occupied an important position in Italian culure... Celebrate, Italian Style is a collection of recipes and stories about Italian life


    The food and the culture of Italy are so interwowen, it's impossible to think of one without the other.  Scattered among the recipes are accounts of life in the villages

    Paul Paolicelli

    A Grandson's search for his Italian roots

    Stories of the real Italy and
    the American it created

    Leon J. Radomille

    1776 questions and answers on the 
    significant contributions Italians and 
    Italian-Americans have made to the world.

    Tony Romano

    In a neighborhood on Chicago's outskirts, Fabio e Lucia Comingo have built a new American life - and struggle... 

    Susan Hacker Stang

    As to the true Italy.. he does not even dream of it.  The true Italy id only to be found by patient observation...
    Susan Hacker Stang is a photographer and Professor of Communications at Webster University in St. Louis.  These photographs were made during the years 2003-2006
    Vedi intervista

    Nicholas G. Stangarone

    Pompeo Stillo
    Contact the author

    Delitto non commesso
    La storia di Johhny Palmer inizia dopo la prima guerra mondiale e arriva ai giorni d'oggi.  Un momento di gelosia, e un banale incidente, cambiano la vita di due giovani. Una storia che tocca due mondi, un paesino della Calabria e Chicago, una grande metropoli americana.

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    La vita di Gioacchino da Fiore narrata in poesia da Pompeo Stillo

    Contact the author

    Vita e Miraculi di 
    San Franciscu di Paola
    La devozione di San Francesco di Paola, il calabrese se la porta con se ovunque va`. Questi versi in vernacolo calabrese li offro a voi.
    CD, Libretto in Calabrese and 

    Libretto in Italian are included

    Contact the author

    CD and Libretto in 
    Calabrese included

    Contact the author

    L'arte del bugiardo
    Pompeo Stillo ha passato la vita a scrivere poesie e canzoni per far conoscere la lingua italiana in terra statunitense.

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    Poesie in dialetto calabrese

    Contact the author

    Ciccilla, donna giusta e dignitosa, poiché sebbene brigantessa, 
    toglieva ai ricchi e dava ai poveri...

    Contact the author

    Nei racconti di Stillo viene espressa in tutta la sua fermezza, la verità: nel bene e nel male dell'umana natura...

    Joseph Tedesco

    Street painting artists have a long tradition in Europe, starting in Italy in the 16th century. These artists traveled from town to town creating their images as a source of their livelihood. These "Madonnari" or "Madonna painters" refer to the reproduction of icons of the Madonna.  Winning international awards upon its debut, this full color, 12 month wall calendar presents these temporary masterpieces as never before.

    Camillo Viglino

    A first hand account of the earliest 
    days of military aviation.
    Translated by his two children 
    Camilla Viglino Hurwitz and Victor Viglino.

    Peter R. Viteritti

    A true story that takes place during the Summer of 2004, when the author and his cousin, Peter Piazza, hiked for thirteen days through the enchanting mountain range called the Italian Alps.

    Walter Wolff

    A holocaust survivor recounts his life in Italy during World War II - In English or Italian

    On. Marco Zacchera 

    "Dal mangiadisci al CD"
    Politica, fede, storia, idealita`:
    un confronto tra generazioni